Hard men for the road Ten years ,

This month we celebrate Ten years on the road. We played our first gig as The Druids  on May 9 th 2009. It was bar in Gary's home town.The Corner House in Clane Co Kildare . The place was packed the local crowd coming out to see one of their own in action . We were a 3 peice band Paddy Gary and Mick . We rocked the place , and many times after that . Huge crowds attended that first gig and many of them are still coming . We had no idea what was in store for us . Scotland , Spain , Belgium , Germany, England , Denmark , and up to 25 states in the USA . We have clocked up huge mileage . 13 hour drives in the states come to mind . Magic drives up throught the Hudson valley , crazy night drives in the Highlands of Scotland . Very late nights in Ireland . They are all part of the journey .

We have had 8 members of the band over the ten years .  Mick ,Zak , Paddy, Gary, Broz, Darren , Jim , and Fran .All of which brought the own brilliant talent and personality. We thank them all for their contribution. The motivation is still the same the drive is still there the idea is the same . Been in the band has not been easy at times , as we made life difficult for our self's now and then . In fact there has been times when we were close to been no more , but some how with the support of good people we struggled on. Big thank you to you all . You know who you are .

Today the band is in good shape , working on new songs and music . Some great things are just around the corner . So thanks to our families and friends to the venues who book us to the agents who trust us to the people who come to see us .

Thanks . Here's to the next ten years