The Druids Live at The Motor City Irish Festival ,, New album

It was warm, very warm indeed . Hitting about 36.c  There was a real sense of welcome for us in the great city of Detroit . This city feels right to me . There's a kindness that hangs in the air . It has a name for been a tough city and I'm sure it is , but so is Dublin or Cork. Poverty is the great remover , it removes common sense . People act in a manner which they would not in the normal run of things . Crime and law breaking are for the most part a result of poverty. The justice system is there to deal with the poor , as it does not apply the same law to the wealthy.

We have always found a very strong welcome and comradeship in The Motor City . Henry Ford who people were from Cork has left his mark on this town . Indeed there is an area in Detroit called Corktown . 

Our decision to record a live album at The Motor City Irish Festival was a no brainer . The audience there love what we do . We interact with them and they responded . We provide narrative and they come with us , we provide tears and they cry them we provide humour and they laugh . They provide a sense of welcome and belonging and we dive in . 

When listening to this live album , you will feel like your in the audience , Eric from Solid Sound done a fantastic job . The waves of emotion , when Gary sings Back Home in Derry is palpable. The joy in The Irish Rover is powerful , The sadness in North and South is felt by all . 
The is live album has exceed all our expectations. Order you copy today on    18e including p&p from Ireland and Europe  20e including p&p USA 2