The Druids

Cultural Workshops

Workshop idea

The Druids would like to welcome you to their all new exclusive interactive Cultural educational workshop.

The aim is to promote Irish Culture and music and develop better a knowledge of the history of Ireland.


● Introduce participants to traditional Irish music and instruments.

● Educate about the cultural and historical significance of the music.

● Teach basic techniques and songs.

● Create a space for joint participation through a song

● Q&A interactive learning

Session background

Brief introduction to The Druids and their journey.

Overview of Irish traditional music, its history, and its role in Irish culture.

**Instrument Demonstration**

- Showcase traditional Irish instruments such as bodhrán,and button Accordian

- Explain the basics of each instrument and their roles in Irish music.

**Interactive Learning**

Break participants into smaller groups for hands-on sessions with different instruments. (Bodhrans, shakers)

Teach simple tunes and rhythms, encouraging participants to play along

Learn song that has good meaning and easy to join

Singing techniques - breathing and energy

**Cultural Insights**

Discuss the stories behind popular Irish songs and tunes.

Share insights into Irish folk traditions, dance, and the social context of the music.

**Performance by The Druids**

Conclude with a live performance by The Druids, demonstrating the skills and music discussed during the workshop